40+ Employee Reward Ideas: Individual, Team, Monetary, Non-Monetary

So, you’ve just installed an employee recognition software (like Seed.hr) and you’re now in the setup phase. You decided to add some rewards to maximize adoption and motivate your employees to use the newly-added software. You added a gift card, company swag, and now… you’re stuck on which reward to add next. It’s that blank page feeling! This blog article comes to the rescue! Here are 40+ employee reward ideas (individual, team, monetary, non-monetary) that will truly motivate your employees to adopt your employee recognition software and boost employee engagement.

Individual monetary reward ideas

  1. Gift cards. ($30-$200)
  2. Company Swag like shirt, hat, mug, stickers, socks, bag, etc. ($50)
  3. Mystery Box tailored to the specific person redeeming the reward. ($25-$100)
  4. Learn something new (Airbnb Experiences) such as learning how to paint, surf, cook, anything! ($50-$150)
  5. Digital Workshop or Course like those offered on MasterClass, Udemy, or Coursera. ($50-$200)
  6. Spa treatment/day: an hour of massage in your local area. ($50-$150)
  7. House cleaning from a provider in your local area. ($150)
  8. Movie/Music/Magazine Subscription for a Year (Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). ($100-$150)
  9. Fitness/Gym subscription of your choice for six months. ($100-$500)
  10. Meal Subscription: get a free month of meals from HelloFresh or Freshly. ($150-$300)
  11. Daycare/Pet Stipend. ($100)
  12. 2x movie tickets. ($15-$40)
  13. 2x tickets for an event of your choosing like a concert, sports game, etc.. ($50-$150)
  14. Adventure activity (skydiving, bungee jumping, mountain biking, etc.). ($100-$300)
  15. Charity Donation: allow the employee to select a charity and the company makes a donation in their name. ($50-$200)
  16. Plant Delivery Service: a potted plant or succulent delivery to brighten up their workspace or home. ($30-$100)
  17. DIY Craft Kit: a kit for a craft project, such as knitting, candle-making, or pottery. ($30-$100)
  18. Travel Voucher: contribution towards a vacation or getaway. Can be used for flights, hotels, or experiences. ($100-$500)

Individual non-monetary reward ideas

  1. A day off to have some fun and recharge your batteries.
  2. 1:1 with CEO/Leadership Team: get an hour with anyone on the leadership team to talk about anything you like, want to learn more about or share your thoughts.
  3. All Hands Host: lead, get everyone excited, and emcee an all-hands meeting.
  4. Engineering 1-1 Class: get a class on how things work from the head of engineering, or learn a specific tool of your choice with the help.
  5. Color of the Day: you get to pick your favorite color for everyone on the team to wear on one Friday.
  6. Professional Development Day: spend a day shadowing a colleague in a role or department you’re interested in. This can offer a unique learning experience.
  7. Charity Day: a day where the person can volunteer at a chosen charity.
  8. A dedicated shout-out in the company newsletter/intranet/linkedin page/investor update, highlighting your accomplishments.
  9. Trophies/Badges.

Team monetary reward ideas

  1. Team Lunch or Dinner: allow the team to choose a restaurant and sponsor their meal. ($200-$800)
  2. Team-building Workshops: hire a specialist for a day of team-building activities and exercises. ($500-$2000)
  3. Guest Speaker: bring in an industry expert, motivational speaker, or even a comedian for a special session. ($200-$5000, depending on the speaker’s prominence)
  4. Escape Room Experience: let the team work together and solve puzzles in a fun setting. ($200-$800)
  5. Professional Development: sponsor a group course, workshop, or seminar related to their roles. ($500-$3000)
  6. Movie Day: a day at the movies with snacks included, or even a projector viewing in the office. ($100-$500)
  7. Outdoor Activities: such as a day of paintball, rafting, zip-lining, or a nature hike. ($300-$1000)
  8. Wellness Day: hire a masseuse for the day, or bring in a yoga instructor for a group session. ($300-$1200)
  9. Team Travel: small weekend getaways or day trips to a nearby attraction. ($500-$5000)
  10. Cooking Classes: a fun evening event where everyone learns to cook a particular dish together. ($200-$1000)
  11. Music or Concert Tickets: buy group tickets for a popular show or concert in the area. ($100-$2000)

Team non-monetary reward ideas

  1. Charity Day: a day where the team can volunteer together at a chosen charity.
  2. A dedicated shout-out in the company newsletter/intranet/linkedin page/investor update, highlighting the team’s achievements.
  3. Collaborative Art Project: dedicate a wall or space where the team can collaborate on an art project over time.
  4. Creative Freedom: allow the team to redesign or redecorate their workspace.
  5. Game afternoon/night – Get the team together for a live or virtual game moment.

Remember, the key to a successful reward program is ensuring that the rewards resonate with what the individual values and enjoys. It’s always a good idea to regularly solicit feedback and see which rewards are most popular, so you can adjust your offerings accordingly.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found our 40+ employee reward ideas (individual, team, monetary, non-monetary) useful! If you’d like to learn more about how to maximize the adoption of your employee recognition software, check out this article.






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