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3 ways to maximize adoption of your employee recognition software (+1 bonus)

So, you installed an employee recognition software (like a few weeks/months ago, and and you haven’t yet reached 100% adoption. Ideally, you’d want everyone in your company to use it to ensure that everyone feels appreciated and recognized for their good work. We’ve got your back!

In this article, we’ll discuss the 3 must-have features (+1 bonus) that you should consider when shopping for employee recognition software in order to maximize adoption. (If yours doesn’t have these 3 features, consider switching to 😉)

1. Feedback Friday

What is this feature? Feedback Friday automatically sends multiple messages every Friday to remind them to recognize individuals who helped them or stood out for their good work during the past week. This can be in the form of praise, kudos, shout-outs, etc. Typically, it includes a KPI to indicate who hasn’t sent any recognition the past week and also sends private messages to those individuals. - Employee recognition Product Screenshot - Feedback Friday kick-off message

Why is it important? The regularity of recognition is crucial if you want to create a culture of recognition. Indeed, employees need to be recognized at least a few times a month for it to be effective. Feedback Friday is your best ally for achieving this.

2. Leaderboards

What is this feature? It displays a public leaderboard of top givers, receivers, or both to encourage your team to recognize their teammates and excel in their work to earn recognition. - Employee recognition Product Screenshot - Leaderboards - Top receivers/givers

Should you use it? It depends on your company culture and whether or not you want to add a touch of friendly competition to your employee recognition program. It’s also possible to use it temporarily when you launch your initiative or if you need a boost for a special occasion!

3. Rewards

What is this feature? When employees receive recognition from someone, they usually receive points attached to it. They can then use these points to redeem individual/team monetary/non-monetary rewards (check out our 40+ reward ideas). - Employee recognition Product Screenshot - Reward catalogue

Should you use it? Definitely, yes! Whether or not you can allocate an additional budget on top of your employee recognition software for monetary rewards, it will further motivate your employees to show appreciation to others.

Note: If the software you’re currently using doesn’t have a point system, you can still choose to reward overperformers manually based on the leaderboards. However, you might consider switching to software like to have a built-in, powerful reward system.

4. (bonus) Plant a tree for every active user

What is this feature? Every month, a tree is planted for every active user. An active user is an employee who has given or received at least one recognition during a given month. - Employee recognition Product Screenshot - Plant a tree - maximize adoption

Why is it important? Who doesn’t want to make an impact on global warming? It’s one of the few causes that will rally all your employees and encourage them to use your employee recognition software every month! We might be biased, but we strongly believe it is the most powerful adoption feature you can find on the market, and it’s only available at (You can also do it manually if your current software provides exact details about the monthly active users, but this will add to your monthly tasks when it could be built into the software.)

That’s it, folks! Now you know everything about how to maximize the adoption of your employee recognition software. If you aren’t using one yet or are considering switching, try now! We offer a 30-day free trial (no credit card required).


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