How to send Slack Kudos in 3 easy Steps with Seed HR

Seed HR is a leading software in employee recognition. It makes it very simple for individuals to recognize and praise their coworkers. In this guide we’ll see how to send Slack kudos in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Install Seed HR Slack Kudos app

First things first, let’s install Seed app in your Slack. To do so, visit and click “Add to Slack”.

seed recognition software to send slack kudos

Once you accept the installation prompt by Slack, Seed will be added to your Slack and you’ll see it in the Apps listed in your Slack sidebar.

Now, you can access to all the settings and you’re able to get started. For example, you can link Seed to a public channel so that recognition can be seen by everyone.

Step 2 – Type /give anywhere in Slack to send Kudos

Now that Seed is available in your Slack workspace, let’s type /give anywhere in Slack. This won’t post the “/give” message, it will open a dialog screen so that you can send your Kudos:

give shoutouts in slack with seed
How to send kudos in slack

Step 3 – Write your message

You can now fill the form with the message of the shoutout, the recipient(s), the amount of Seed you want to give (among the 5🌱 that you have every week), visibility and wether you want to include a GIF or not.

Now, click “Give 🌱” and BOOM, your Kudo is sent.

Kudos sent in slack

This is how to send Slack kudos in 3 easy steps 🙌

Why is it important to send Slack Kudos?

Recognizing peer workers is very important on a day to day basis their motivation. It is a simple way to motivate your team and make sure everyone feel that their work matter.
Make your employees happier and more efficient with shoutouts sent regularly.

A recognition software helps you reduce costs by improving employee retention and increasing performance and engagement.

Other options of Seed HR to consider

  • Feedback Friday
    FF helps you boost kudos by focusing on it on a specific day. During fridays, Seed sends 3 notifications so that people send Kudos to each other. Especially those who didn’t have the chance to send recognition yet during the week.
  • Leaderboards
    Friendly competition is really efficient to motivate people to send more kudos. This is a great ally to motivate everyone.
  • Rewards
    You can define rewards thanks to a reward system provided by Seed. Employees can redeemed them with the Seeds 🌱 that they received with their Kudos.
    See here for employee reward ideas
    Note that the kudos that are available to be sent every week do not stack if you don’t give them, they are reseted every week.





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