kudos meaning synonyms

Kudos meaning, synonyms, benefits (and more)

In this article, we’re going to explore the meaning of “kudos”, its synonyms, benefits, and how important it can be in the workplace. Let’s start right now with Kudos meaning!

What does kudos mean?

The term “kudos” is used to convey praise, congratulations, or commendation for someone’s achievements or efforts.

“Kudos” is a term of Greek origin that means “praise” or “recognition” for an achievement or a job well done.

When you give someone kudos, you are acknowledging and praising their accomplishments.

Note that despite the “s” at the end, “kudos” is singular and is often misinterpreted as a plural noun. The proper way to use it in a sentence is, for example, “She received kudos for her work,” not “She received a kudo for her work.”

What are the synonyms for kudos?

There are five main synonyms for kudos: Acknowledgment, Recognition, Praise, Appreciation, and Gratitude. Let’s look at each of them in detail!

Acknowledgment refers to the act of showing that one has noticed, accepted, or recognized something or someone. It often relates to the acceptance of the existence, validity, or truth of something.

Recognition is the identification or acknowledgment of something or someone’s existence, validity, or achievements. It can involve publicly honoring or rewarding someone for their accomplishments.

Praise is the expression of approval, admiration, or compliment towards someone’s actions, characteristics, or achievements, often aimed at raising the individual’s morale or confidence.

Appreciation involves recognizing and valuing someone’s efforts, qualities, or achievements. It is an expression of gratitude or thankfulness for what someone has done or contributed.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and showing readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. It is a warm, genuine, and positive feeling towards someone who has helped or benefited you in some way.

While all these terms relate to valuing or acknowledging someone or something, they vary in their focus, formality, and the range of expressions they encompass. Kudos is a more specific, informal way of giving praise or recognition, whereas the other terms can be broader and more varied in their application.

What are the benefits of kudos?

Kudos are part of employee recognition, which is integral to employee engagement. As we have already seen in a previous article dedicated to creating a culture of recognition, here are the two main benefits of sending kudos regularly:

  • A boost in employee performance, productivity, and engagement (14% higher in companies with recognition programs).
  • A decrease in turnover cost (see our calculator here).
kudos, recognition, appreciation is the 1st driver of motivation

How important are kudos in the workplace?

Kudos hold significant value in the workplace as they foster a positive work environment and contribute to employee motivation, satisfaction, and overall well-being.

By offering acknowledgment and appreciation for a job well done, kudos serve to validate employees’ efforts, reinforcing their sense of purpose and value within the company.

Simple acknowledgment or compliment can promote mutual respect and camaraderie, fostering a collaborative and supportive work atmosphere.

Kudos also serve as an informal feedback mechanism, providing employees with immediate and positive reinforcement.

Kudos to you if you’ve read to the end of the article 🎉 You should now know everything about kudos! How about starting to create a culture of recognition in your workplace by trying out Seed for free?





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