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  • Introducing Seed levels 🌱

    Introducing Seed levels 🌱

    Today is announcement day 📣 we’re introducing the levels in Seed! This is a new feature available for all users that aim to reward top contributors over time with exclusive levels to unlock and badges (coming soon).Let’s dive in the feature details! What are levels? First, let’s describe what exactly are we talking about. A…

  • Why your kudos channel does not work?

    Why your kudos channel does not work?

    Kudos channels have become a popular tool for employee recognition in modern workplaces. Their rise stems from the need for timely and direct appreciation. However, their effectiveness depends on proper execution. Not all kudos channels deliver as intended, and understanding why is crucial. Let’s see here why your kudos channel might not work! Defining the…

  • Kudos meaning, synonyms, benefits (and more)

    Kudos meaning, synonyms, benefits (and more)

    In this article, we’re going to explore the meaning of “kudos”, its synonyms, benefits, and how important it can be in the workplace. Let’s start right now with Kudos meaning! What does kudos mean? The term “kudos” is used to convey praise, congratulations, or commendation for someone’s achievements or efforts. “Kudos” is a term of…